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The Naming of Jamison Creek.

The valley of Jamison Creek above the waterfall was known as Jamison Valley until about 1834.

Governor Macquarie wrote in his journal, 16 May 1815 “a very extensive pretty valley, with a sum of very fine fresh water, with tolerable good Feed for Cattle, … I have this day named this place Jamison’s Valley” (Blue Mountains Geographic Encyclopaedia p.275). Sir John Jamison was a friend of Macquarie, and a pioneer pastoralist.

Charles Darwin wrote of the view from the waterfall:

‘About a mile away there is a view exceedingly well worth visiting. Following down a little valley and its tiny rill of water, an immense gulf unexpectedly opens through the trees which border the pathway, at the depth of perhaps 1500 feet. Walking on a few yards, one stands on the brink of a vast precipice, and below one sees a grand bay or gulf, for I know not what other name to give it, thickly covered with forest. The point of view is situated as if at the head of a bay, the line of cliff diverging on each side, and showing headland behind headland, as on a bold sea coast.’

What we do.

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this is Jamison Creek.

The Jamison Creek Catchment Community Group is a collection of people who enjoy and appreciate Jamison Creek and its surroundings and are working towards improving the health of the Creek and so the National Park into which it runs.

We arrange various activities to increase awareness of the value of the Creek. We occasionally have an information booth in Wentworth Falls and we have a stall at events such as the Festival at The Lake. We arrange trips around the Catchment to look at the work being done by Council in reducing pollutant inflow into the Creek. We work closely with the Bushcare Groups in the catchment.

We hold meetings regularly to plan activities, seek grants and make submissions on environmental and planning issues relevant to the catchment.

You can contact the Group by email at